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freeDEXpano is a free panorama and VR viewer using Adobe Flash Player.
This program can help you create panoramas, virtual tours, VR objects and interactive presentations.


Ease setup. For distribution does not need additional software.
Cross-platform. Can run under Windows, Mac or Linux 32 and 64bit.
Widely-distributed. To view using Adobe Flash Player v.9 or higher, which is installed on most computers connected to the Internet.
On-line and off-line usage. Regular swf file or Flash Projector exe.
Easy embedding in any HTML page or MS Powerpoint presentation.
Fully customizable using XML and skins.
Possibility to compile a single swf file.
Plugins system.
Fully free. Can be freely used in both private and commercial purposes.


All functions of freeDEXpano provided by plugins. Basic plugins are free. Advanced plugins extremly expand overall functionality of the program. You can see description and usage examples in plugin section.

Also you might be interested free software for viewing VR objects - freeDEXover or freeware program to compare images - freeDEXcompare.


If you have created your project using freeDEXover, show it to others!
Send us links to your work and it will be published on freeDEXover site!


These pages translated with help of Google.Translate. But translation can be incorrect.
If you know any language, you can help the author translate this website to your language.

Панорама офиса. 3D
Панорама вулкана Батур
Панорама пляжа
Панорама замка. 3D
Презентация автомобиля
Пример слайдшоу
Пример цилиндрической панорамы
Пример цилиндрической панорамы
Пример цилиндрической панорамы
Пример создания аудиоплеера
Пример создания видеоплеера
Пример создания аудиоплеера
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